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UWKC Sucks
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Time:07:56 pm
The Evil Midget (EM) and the The Prez (TP) are soo good at lying and playing games, they should win an Academy Award. Seriously, all of this promotion stuff is nothing but pure bullshit.

Monday April 26, 2004
B declines job due to insulting salary offer.
EM goes to R's office and offers him the job, even though he never even applied for or interviewed for it like B and S did.
R declines.
EM then goes to S' office and rescinds the offer of her job saying that the two jobs are linked and if one declines then both offers are off the table.

Tuesday April 27, 2004
Team meeting
EM announces that due to budget cuts one of the team will be layed off. H was chosen (couldn't have happend to a more deserving indivudial).
EM goes on to say that someone from the outside will be hired to be the new Manager since B and S both declined insulting salary offer to do one and a half jobs each.

Wednesday April 28, 2004
EM calls meeting to discuss impending layoff and interview of new hire.
S wants TP to be present so she asks TP if he will come to a meeting with the team and EM.
TP tells S that if EM is ok with it, he is ok with it.
S gets TP and brings him to the meeting
S then proceeds to ask TP why EM would rescind the job offer because B rejected offer.
TP says offer would never be rescinded as no two jobs would ever be linked like that.
S assures TP that this is the case, however TP still denies that this situation happend
(situation happened exactly as described above)
S then proceeds to ask how they figured hiring a new manager would be more beneficial than negotiating the insulting salary
S presents both TP and EM with a spreadsheet showing the math
TP and EM begin blowing smoke and performing a lame assed dog and pony show
It was obvious from my point of view that what they were saying was nothing but pure bullshit.
EM had a lunch meeting in his calendar with The Red Cross from 11:30 to 2:30 on Wednesday.
Both EM and TP used to work together at the Red Cross for many years.

Well folks, thems is the facts from my point of view. Read 'em and weep. You draw your own conclusions, but if you ask me (I am gonna tell ya anyway! hehe) this whole thing was nothing more than a performance. You see, this is how I figure all this shit works out.

This team has been very vocal in surveys and meetings about the lack of promoting from within. It was inferred that very rarely does a position open that someone from the inside is qualified to do but that in every instance when possible, they try to promote from within. So a position opens, both B and S apply. Both are more than qualified for the job, but the interview team disagrees. They decide to do an "experiment" and split this team and have B manage half of the current team and S manage the other half. This was never put in writing. Written ofers were never presented to either B or S, nor were written job descriptions (are you with me so far??).

Now the hook, EM verbally offers both B and S the lamest salary increases in history. Like really, come on now, who in their right mind would accept a job that is your entire old job, plus half of a directors job for less than a $8000-$10000 raise? In my book, considering that this is a cheap assed non profit and you can expect to make a shitload less than you would out in the real world, anything less than a $5000 increase would be insulting. Again, these offers are NOT written.

EM and TP made those lame assed offers knowing good and well that they would be rejected. (Hello!!! This is really obvious to me now!!) Now they are off the hook! See, they "tried" to hire from within, but those people are too greedy and want to get paid too much!! So now EM and TP have no "choice" but to hire from the outside. They tried, really they did, to hire from the inside!!

Where are the written offers?
Where are the written job descriptions? (note: as of today there are 2 very different job descriptions for the same job. Not only are the duties vastly different, but lo and behold, there is a $15,000 salary difference!!)
Why would EM have a lunch scheduled with the Red Cross so soon after the rejecton and rescinding?
Did you know that EM and TP both worked together at the Red Cross? Rumor has it that they have worked together for over 20 years in non profits.

hmmm, me thinks me smells something fishy!!!
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Time:12:14 pm
Yes UWKC sucks!!!
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UWKC Sucks
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